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21036 S. Leland Road
Oregon City
United States

Carrie Moore Studios is the official website of Oregon artist: Carrie Moore and the Studio on the Knoll in Oregon City. Carrie works in several media, including: pastel, leather, and linocuts. 


Susan Ogilvie, PSA is teaching a 3 day workshop at the Studio on the Knoll April 22, 23 & 24.  Contact Carrie to reserve a spot!

to Jun 3

Amanda Houston pastel painting workshop

Contact Amanda Houston at to register for this unique retreat-style 3 day workshop.

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to Jun 10

"Feathered Friends" in Paper Clay with Rogene Mañas

Join mixed media artist and author, Rogene Mañas for a two-day paper clay/mixed media workshop, June 9-10, 2018. Rogene brings her unique style and creativity to the Knoll, and has taught in OR, CA and Mexico.  She authored the book:  Artful Paper Clay:Techniques for Adding Dimension to Your Art, and has been featured on Oregon's ART BEATAdd dimension to your work by creating bas-relief images with Creative Paperclay® on panels or canvases. This air-dried, paper maché clay, primarily used in doll and figurine making, can hold broad shapes as well as fine detail and adheres to just about anything. The first day you will learn to sculpt and carve the clay in bas relief, the second day you will learn to finish your piece with acrylic mediums, paints and collage materials. The result is a wood-carved effect that will leave people wondering how it was made. This unique and innovative process is fun, flexible and forgiving, making it perfect for beginning and advanced students alike.  $270. Contact for more information!  Class is filling fast so don't wait.  View more of Rogene's work and order her book on her website:

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to Sep 30

Susan Kuznitsky - pastel painting en plein air

Out of doors with pastel painter Susan Kuznitsky.  Contact Susan at to register.

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Jeanne Rosier Smith heads to Oregon May 2018!  Save the Date.
to May 20

Jeanne Rosier Smith heads to Oregon May 2018! Save the Date.

Water in all its power and glory!  Learn to paint the illusion of crashing waves in pastel with Massachusetts artist Jeanne Rosier Smith!  This 3 day workshop will inspire you to head to the Oregon Coast (or whichever coast you love), study the waves, the light, the water, and take reference photos!  Once you arrive at the Studio on the Knoll, Jeanne will teach you her magic in this wonderful 3 day journey of water and waves.  Beginners to advanced pastel painters welcome.  $400.  For more information, registration, or to reserve your spot, contact or call 503-866-5507.

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to Mar 28

YOUTH art camp in PAPERCLAY with Carrie!

NATURE IN PAPER CLAY - SPRING BREAK!  Learn bas relief: to sculpt, carve, mold and paint on a "flat" clay surface and make it look 3 dimensional...using this soft clay while learning the basic elements of design.  Carrie will guide you through projects you’ll LOVE.  You’ll go home with many of your own amazing works of art!

For ages 10-16, this workshop is limited to 12 students. 2 days at her Studio on the Knoll in Oregon City. Bring lunch, water & a snack. $140 total per student. March 27-28, 2018.  9:00 am – 3:00. All materials provided.   Bring your open, creative hearts, hands and minds!

Email carriemoorestudios5@gmail for more information or call 503-866-5507 to reserve a spot.

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to Mar 20

Ruth Armitage - Cold Wax & Oil workshop

Revel in texture and color in this workshop exploring the properties of Cold Wax Medium. If you’ve been hesitant to get into oil painting because of the slow drying time, this class will teach you a different tune. No fuss cleanup, little odor and layering magic will seduce participants.

Join Ruth Armitage for a workshop inspired by nature, but leaning toward the abstract using cold wax medium along with oil paints. Learn how to create your own medium, layer opaque and transparent pigments, incise, build up and more.

Participants will work on multiple wood panels over the course of the workshop, culminating in several finished pieces. Techniques will include different types of paint application, reductive and layering techniques, mark making, shape, color and texture galore.  Pre-planning and intuition will work hand-in-hand to lead artists to creative compositions.

An open and adventurous attitude and imagination are the only pre-requisites.

Contact to register today.  Limited registration!  

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to Feb 7

Ruth Ellen Hoag

Abstracting the Landscape - Watercolor & Acrylic painters welcome!!

When painting the landscape, either from photos or plein air, what is our aim? We can take the point of view of showing something as accurately as possible, or we can paint how a view feels to us personally. This workshop will focus on the latter. Last year, while painting in France, I discovered just how much fun and freeing it is to paint how a landscape feels. This invariably leads to a more abstract viewpoint, but working from the standpoint of an emotional response, a painting can be expressed in many ways, from exaggerated color, or somewhat abstract, to completely non-objective. It all starts with an idea. Join me in this exploration. 

Because we’ll be in Oregon in February, we will be working mostly from photos or our imagination, however, weather permitting, we may get outside to work. For more information or to reserve your spot, contact or call 503-998-5833.

Tuition $325 for three full days.

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to Oct 15

Susan Ogilvie, PSA returns to the Studio on the Knoll

Autumn in OREGON!  It's the perfect time to take a 4 day pastel painting workshop from nationally represented and published artist Susan Ogilvie!  She's fun, shares without holding back, and makes things make sense while explaining the ins and outs of color, value, light and more.  Join us at the Studio on the Knoll for this wonderful experience!  Contact Carrie at or call (503)866-5507 for details, lodging and to reserve your spot.  4 day workshop including a Friday night BBQ with Susan, hosted by Carrie & Jeff Moore.  $475.

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to Oct 9

Marjolein Dallinga - Experimental Wearable Art - FELT

Raised in the Netherlands where she studied fine arts, Marjolein (pronounced Ma-ree-uh-line) Dallinga is referred to by many as the "wool whisperer".  Her work was discovered by the creative world of Cirque du Soleil, where she creates fascinating and unusual costuming.  A renowned teacher all over the world, she comes to Carrie Moore Studios for a 5-day Experimental Wearable Art Intensive.  The works are achieved through sculpting and dyeing with felt.  Focusing on the creative journey, not the end result, broadens this experiential, experimental and fantastic workshop!  $590.  WORKSHOP FULL.  Inquire for wait list.  This workshop is for intermediate felt artists. Contact Carrie at 503-866-5507 or email:

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to Aug 20

Jennifer Evenhus comes to The Studio on the Knoll

Join us at the Studio on the Knoll August 18, 19 & 20, 2017 for a workshop with Jennifer Evenhus, PSA-MP, IAPS-MC.  Titled "The Beauty of Imperfection", Jennifer heads to Oregon to teach her vibrant, unique & exciting style of pastel painting! Nationally recognized and award winning, her work graced the cover of 2016's Pastel Journal.  Join us this summer for this exciting workshop. Sponsored by UART Paper, each student will receive free sanded UArt paper!  To reserve your spot contact Carrie Moore Studios at or call 503-866-5507. $375 FILLING QUICKLY!

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to Jun 25

Chantel Barber, Acrylic painting, focusing on the PORTRAIT

Acrylic painter Chantel Barber heads across the US from Tennessee to join students here at the studio for a unique and magical journey focusing on the portrait.  Chantel has a gentle style, and methodically teaches from her vast array of knowledge.  Having been featured in the 2015 Acrylic Artists magazine, titled, Less is More, she promises an exciting and thorough look into the portrait as she guides students along this 3 day journey. Acrylic & Oil Painters welcome.   $375.  To reserve your spot contact Carrie Moore Studios at or call 503-866-5507. 

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to May 21

Barbara Jaenicke Pastel & Oil Painting Workshop!


LANDSCAPE & LIGHT, May 19,20,21   2 0 1 7

A workshop at Carrie Moore Studios, Oregon City, OR.

Barbara Jaenicke returns to Carrie Moore Studios summer 2017 to once again share her gentle teaching style in this 3 day workshop.  A generous, talented, humble and beloved instructor, Barbara welcomes pastel painters and oil painters alike.  If you work in both media, great.  Barbara takes much time to work individually with students at their easels.  Her demonstrations are wonderful, informative, and she is full of great tips and tricks she’s learned over her many years as a professional and teaching artist.  To reserve your spot contact Carrie Moore Studios at or call 503-866-5507.  $400.

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to Mar 28

YOUTH ART CAMP - Spring Break 2017

I love kids, and teaching kids what I do in the studio each day is the best!  If your child is 10-14 years of age and interested in learning printmaking, carving, embossing, and painting with pastels, this is the camp for them!  2 full days, March 27 & 28.  ALL PROFESSIONAL ART SUPPLIES INCLUDED!  All they need to bring is an open creative mind, eager hands, a sack lunch, water and a snack.  (And of course their sketch book if they have one!) Art show at end of day 2 for friends and family!  Contact or call 503-866-5507 for more information.  Fee for 2 day camp:  $150.  2 instructors, limited to 12 students.

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to Jul 21


Join me in my studio for…….

AN AMAZING SUMMER ART CAMP FOR YOUTH with Carrie Moore at Carrie Moore Studios.

I’ve been teaching adult and youth workshops in my studio for over 15 years.  Most recently, having moved to a new home and studio in the rolling hills for Oregon City, the space is large, and the project work we create with kids is unique, sometimes huge, fun, and exciting.

We will be working both in and out of doors, but mostly in the upstairs studio.

We will create in:


Take home projects will be many, and ALL the supplies are included in the fees.

I focus on teaching the basic elements of design.  We’ll sketch, do line drawings and so much more.  We’ll learn the basics of color theory, and explore the Principles of Design and how they are part of everything we see in our world around us!  We’ll play games, get to know new friends, make chalky messes, explore new and exciting ideas, and play while we learn.

Ages 8-14.  $200/per child

TWO SPACES REMAIN - contact Carrie at to reserve a spot!


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to Oct 11

Portland Open Studios Tour 2015

  • When: Two Weekends: October 10th- 11th and 17th - 18th, 2015
  • Where: Portland Metro Area, held in artists' private studio locations
  • Who: 96 professional artists, of varying media, who are practicing their works in the local area
  • What: A self-guided tour through the studios of local artists to experience their worlds, their works, and wares. Each studio artist will be demonstrating their process, each day. Go to the website: to preview the artists, their works, and their locations. 
  • Buy your pass here!
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