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21036 S. Leland Road
Oregon City
United States

Carrie Moore Studios is the official website of Oregon artist: Carrie Moore and the Studio on the Knoll in Oregon City. Carrie works in several media, including: pastel, leather, and linocuts. 


One thing leads to Another.....

Carrie Moore

I have not had such a connection to this place and to my work as I have these past months. I celebrated my best art show to date this past November…it’s a privilege to share my love of various media with others. I go from one thing to another, moving around the studio sometimes on a whim. It’s fun, challenging, sometimes frustrating, but the trick is to keep on going…trying new things and making great discoveries. Paper clay has me right now. Rogene Mañas came to teach this wonderfully rich process last year, and I fell instantly in love both with paper clay and the wonderfully talented Rogene. I’ve since decided to teach it with my dear neighbor artist friend Ruth. She gets color and she PAINTS (something I do only with chalk pastel sticks)….so it was a natural choice to do this workshop with her. Here’s a peek at a 14” x 14” cradled panel covered in gesso, with a huge poppy on it (shown wet). Along side is a small section of a panel covered in urchins, sea stars, barnacles and such...bas relief in paper clay. This stuff is a blast to work with!