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21036 S. Leland Road
Oregon City
United States

Carrie Moore Studios is the official website of Oregon artist: Carrie Moore and the Studio on the Knoll in Oregon City. Carrie works in several media, including: pastel, leather, and linocuts. 


First blog - ever....

Carrie Moore

Pastel on sanded paper.  It's eluded me for almost a year. Couldn't paint.  Didn't want to paint.  I discovered it was because the photos I took, the places I thought I wanted to paint lacked emotion.  So I went to see the ocean.  Then it clicked.

July 9th post.  My second attempt at a wave and water.  I find it really challanging, but I'll keep pushing on.  

Chantel Barber taught an acrylic portrait painting workshop here weeks back.  It was really eye-opening, and she completely removed fear from the room.  Fear of painting faces.  All the students minus myself (sometimes I take the workshops, sometimes I just support the artist teaching) have painted a portrait.  I was the only one with "fear".  So one of the students who frequents many of the workshops here says, "Carrie, pretend you're painting a fish!"  Well, Carol, thanks for that challenge.  It goes to show that the shapes, the colors, the positive and negative spaces are the same.  Draw.  It informs.  It's crucial.  So I did a pastel painting of my brother Garry.  Left photo is my tiny field sketch, his photo as reference, and my grisaille in dark purple NuPastel. The only step I missed in showing here was the underpainting that occured after I put in a pink background around his face.  I loosely painted alcohol over the entire surface of the sanded paper (ArtSpectrum) once I had layed down the grisaille (dark purple NuPastel for face).  Slowly, I layed in the colors as values.  My favorite part is his hair.  It's green, dark violet, with hints of pink chalk pastel.  He loved it.  I'm sending it to him soon!  And I plan to do more faces for sure!